dabbing benefits
dabbing benefits


Dabbing and Why You Should Try It

What is Dabbing and Why You Should Try It

Dabbing is a recently popular way to consume cannabis that involves heating a small amount of cannabis concentrate (known as a ‘dab’) on a hot surface in order to vaporize an extremely potent dose of cannabinoids.

This process often requires a blowtorch and looks a bit aggressive to those unfamiliar with the consumption method. Because of the increased potency of the concentrate itself (higher THC percentage than flower), it can make people exceptionally high – to the point that some recreational users will become uncomfortable. The truth is though, the ability to consume a more pure and potent form of cannabis is a huge benefit for medical users. You see, because the volume of cannabinoids is so much higher in a dab, patients are able to achieve dosages that are difficult to attain by simply smoking flower via a pipe or joint. This is incredibly valuable for patients using cannabis to manage seizures and other medical conditions.

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Dabbing

We recommend dabbing for people who don’t necessarily love the hazy, heavy feeling of smoking pot, but have an interest in using cannabis for its medical benefits. While this is not to say that dabbing is only for medical use, it’s simply that one dab is often the effective dose. The easiest way to start is by simply purchasing a dab pen and experimenting with the hybrid concentrate from your local dispensary. Once you’re ready to take it to the next level, we recommend an e-nail because you really want consistent temperature when dabbing.

Less Smoke is Healthier

Less smoke when dabbing

One of the primary benefits of dabbing is that it’s actually a healthier than smoking because you are vaporizing a concentrate without any plant matter – it is primarily comprised of cannnabinoids and terpenes. Vaporization creates a milder, less dense cloud of smoke overall, and this benefits both your lungs and the air surrounding your neighbors. If you’re trying to smoke discreetly on the move, a dab pen is a perfect solution because they’re easy to load on the go.

More Potency in a Single Hit

Less smoke when dabbing

Modern science has made it possible to extract these compounds from the plant and create concentrates that are significantly more potent and pure than what has been available historically. If you feel like you’re unable to achieve the effects you desire by smoking flower alone, dabbing is the next frontier that will take your cannabis experience to a new level. Did you know that you can also dab CBD and receive instant relief without the haziness of a tradiitonal THC high? Learn more about CBD here.

Less Mess

Less mess when dabbing

Whether you use a blowtorch with a dab rig, an e-nail, or even go with the ultra efficient dab pen, concentrates offer a really simple way to consume. You don’t need to use a grinder or worry about the mess created by weed crumbles. Plus, concentrates are far less pungent from a distance than weed itself. When you need to carry a stash on the go we recommend concentrates because they are far more discreet.

More Flavor

Less smoke when dabbing

Concentrates also contain a high concentration of terpenes, the aromatic compounds that give cannabis its unique smell and taste. When taken at the correct temperature, a dab can provide an amazingly clear and deep flavor profile that is rarely experienced when smoking the buds themselves.

The High is Clearer

Less smoke when dabbing

Although concentrates are considered to be more potent, many people find the high associated with their consumption to be a more clear and insightful buzz as opposed to the foggy, slow motion experience of smoking flower in pipes, joints or blunts. This is primarily due to the fact that dabbing involves vaporizing concentrated cannabinoids (free of plant material) while smoking flower involves combusting the plant material itself. Perhaps the best analogy is eating the coffee bean itself vs extracting all the caffeine and essential oils.

6 thoughts on “Dabbing and Why You Should Try It”

  1. BuddieID_02570

    Oh yeah dabbing is all I do now. It’s such a satisfying high. And it actually helped me quit cigarettes. I LOVE DABBING.

  2. buddieID_04577

    true that am ive smoke herb for 20 years and just did my first dab a few months ago. the big thing i noticed and i tell everyone that will listen
    i set up a dab rig with some water like a bubbler and i went to clean it along with my pipe and other bongs etc… which i use 99.9 % iso to clean and i change water often and they still stink,.
    the dab rig i could see extract stuck to the side and whatb not btu when i dump the water…… no bad smell… it literally smell like decent water. i was an am still sorta blow away….. Ddaaa fuk took extracts slow long to be invented ?

  3. StonedWizardNB

    Love Shatter,Resin,Rosin etc.
    First time a friend had me hit three lovely hits of some homemade budder-y shatter (not great taste)
    it blew my mind…been lovely shatter in my case the most.

    My advice,small hits and many of them…mid low temp via banger or nail. <3

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