The Little Rosin Company Has Arrived At Buddies!

The Little Rosin Company

We are so excited to add The Little Rosin Company to our catalogue of premium cannabis companies. Situated in the fresh mountains of British Columbia this small family owned rosin company has produced some of the best rosin we’ve ever seen! This is as organic as it gets folks!

the little rosin company

What Strains Are Available At Buddies?

You’ll find all of the available strains from The Little Rosin Company online at Buddies Canada. At the moment we are carrying three hybrid strains of rosin: Train Wreck, White Fire OG, and Agent Orange. However, we are expecting to get an indica strain in (Violator Kush) soon!

Rosin is by far the cleanest cannabis extract as it contains no chemicals like butane found in other concentrates such as shatter and live resin. As many of you know, rosin is extracted by applying heat and pressure to dry cannabis contained in micron bags… and that’s it! Originally (and hilariously) people used hair straighteners to extract rosin. However, these days there are dedicated rosin presses that do a much better job.

Rosin, when made properly, retains just as many valuable terpenes that account for aroma and flavour. However, in a lab test, rosin will never contain a single parts per million (PPM) of residual hydrocarbon. In other words, you are essentially getting shatter without any solvents when using this process.

Many dispensaries are now utilizing this technology and stocking their shelves with rosin. Today you can find it in almost every legal market. The horizon is bright for rosin, and this product will surely continue to make waves in the cannabis industry.

7 thoughts on “The Little Rosin Company Has Arrived At Buddies!”

  1. BuddieID_01157

    Yes and they have some white fire og my favorite strain of all really got to try this its in the basket

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