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Hey Buddies!  An exciting new monthly promotion is making its way to Buddies Canada!  Many of you are subscribed to our e-mail service (for anyone that isn’t yet subscribed make sure the little box is ticked during checkout),  at the bottom of each weekly newsletter will be a a Shatterdayz promo code.  This code can be used all day Saturday.  15% off the selected brand of the week, additional savings regardless of active sales!  this discount ALSO APPLIES TO BULK PRICING!  All brands in the mix and match section of the shatter store can be combined to reach the bulk pricing tiers.  Additionally any items in the mix from the showcased shatterdayz promo code sale will be further reduced when the promo code is applied at check out.   We feel this will give our buddies good opportunity to try new brands at a discounted rate.  Add a few grams of the showcased shatter to your regular order, or make your whole order from that brand to optimize savings!  Promo codes will be active from 12:00 am to 11:59pm on Saturdays with new codes being released every Thursday!  At Buddies Canada all orders are left open for 7 days before cancelation, giving Buddies a week to make payment.

Be sure to tune into the Buddies Canada Newsletter for updates on new and incoming products, product re-stocks and sales, marijuana news at Buddies Wired and the weekly shatterdayz promotional code!

Your input in our community is appreciated and important.  Feel free to drop us a line at with any questions.  If theres a product we don’t carry we will do our very best to suggest a similar product or look into carrying it if we are able to procure at a reasonable cost from the supplier so that we can offer it to our community at a fair price.  Shatterdayz are for the Buds!

5 thoughts on “ShatterDaze Promo Code Weekly Offer”

  1. That is super cool… I signed up on another distribution site…. They have not contacted me back on an even my signup for purchasing products… I definitely am not giving them my business.

  2. Since legalization, it has become more and more difficult to access affordable clean cannabis. I worked for decades at a dispensary in Toronto that only carried clean cannabis. And it was strong. Strong enough to get me off opiods entirely. Now, I have to risk buying my meds from BC, and it is all hit or miss, with cannabis that I am sure is drenched in pesticides. Now, I am back on opiods to supplement the cannabis prescription I can’t afford. Feeling desperate and hopeless. Legalization has made me suicidal as in the words if Mick Jagged ” I can’t get no relief”.
    I can’t even get clones or seeds, which I used to get for 2 clones for 5 bucks, and seeds were free. Everyone’s in it for the money. And for those of us who spent a lifetime protesting on courthouse steps, smoking our legal medicine, not waiting for 1000s of rec. Users to hide in numbers of 1000s…..oh so brave ….those rec. Users. Where were they when people with cancer and in wheelchairs were arrested and brutalized by cops? Nowhere to be found. Oh so brave, those rec. users. Oh so brave. Thanks for nothing Trudeau. And thanks for making clean affordable medicinal cannabis out of reach for those of us who have to choose between food, rent, or medicine.

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