Blue Mataro Slabz shatter
Blue Mataro Slabz shatter


Shatter: The King of Concentrates

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Is Shatter the King of the Heap?

Origins of BHO Extraction.

Humans have been producing THC concentrates for a long time.  Keif and hash have been around a long time. Solvents have been used to create concentrates recording all the way back to the 60’s in the form of “honey oil,” and “jelly-butane hash”.  These products use butane to “wash” the THC from the flower and result in a product that almost always has a higher cannabinoid percentage than hashish.  Hashish, which ranges in potency based on its method of creation, has been around perhaps as long as cannabis. It is truly the original form of “concentrated weed.” But its THC percentage and strength is incomparable to modern concentrates.  The evolution of this process has culminated in what is commonly known today as shatter.

How to Make Shatter (kind of).

Without providing a recipe or the in depth instructions, Butane extraction is a fairly uncomplicated (and unfortunately dangerous) method of producing THC concentrate.  Shatter, often referred to as Butane Hash Oil (BHO), is known to be the purest of all the smokable forms of cannabis extracts. It can range from an amber to golden, glass-like transparency.  Shatter boasts some of the highest terpene content of all concentrated extractions.


To start the raw material flower needs to have the highest possible trichome level. High trichome buds will produce the highest yield.  Large hollow glass tubes to pack the herbs in, several cans of butane, filters and clamps to hold them to your tubes, a glass holding dish for resin oil, a heating oven and vacuum pump to purge the butane away from the extract are the equipment needed.  Using the butane to filter the off the herb matter into a container is step one.

The Purge

Purging the butane is what leaves behind the hard-candy resin.  The higher THC percentage a shatter has, the more pure it can be considered.  The washed product is heated to a specific temperature for a specific time (each similar but to the personal touch of individual chefs.)  A vacuume pump is used to extract the air and solvent through a line.  The more solvent that can be removed the more pure the remaining substance is.  The real secret to potent, pure shatter begins at the growth stage.  The more trichomes the better.

Shatter is made of almost every known strain of marijuana.  Users of BHO may notice that each strain can have its own nuances.  Kush can often produce a solid, darker yellow, earthy smelling shatter, whereas Sativa strains such as sour diesel are often a brittle, hole riddled, slightly golden clear.  As with all things we hope you enjoy trying and finding your personal favourite strains!

13 thoughts on “Shatter: The King of Concentrates”

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  2. BuddieID_02820

    I really enjoyed the whole experience of shatter when it’s made right. It seems as the more production of phyto shatter the quality went down.

  3. BuddieID_01422

    its been like 2 years since I smoke some weed or hash lol ,but in counterparts it’s been 2 years I’ve only smoke shatter and I can personally say that over time shatter doesn’t make you forget some things and it keeps your lung more clean

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