PokeDab Water Booster Pack 1oz collectable shatter


PokeDab Water 1 oz of Shatter in Collectable 1 gram packages (28).  Water Themed.  Catch them all! Assorted strains.


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Welcome to the world of PokéDab’s! A twist to a household classic for adults 19+. Relive your best childhood memories while smoking some of Canada’s finest shatter. Each one ounce Booster Pack contains unique collectable Pokedab packs specific to it (Fire Booster, Water Booster, Grass Booster)

PokeDab Water Booster 1 ounce booster pack with randomly assorted Shatter in Collectable 1 gram packages (28).  Gotta Dab them all! Assorted strains.

Collect all 151 pokedab packaging to win a $15,100 CASH PRIZE.



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