Elixr THC Distillate – 1g


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1g of pure THC Distillate


– What is THC Distillate?

  • The main factor which separates THC distillate from other concentrates is specifically the technology and process in which it is made.
  • This process is known as “molecular distillation”, but it is more commonly referred to as “short path distillation” – an extraction method that can separate even the smallest of compounds from the cannabis plant, such as terpenes, THC, or other lipids, pesticides, plant material.
  • This allows for the completion isolation of THC providing a pure concentrate.

– Benefits of THC Distillate

  • Higher THC content
  • Discreet usage
  • Odourless and flavourless
  • Ideal for usage in public spaces, social gatherings, or anywhere it may be frowned upon or generally unaccepted.
  • Clean smoke
    – Because all of the impurities have been removed during the distillation process, the smoke is free of solvents and other respiratory damaging carcinogens.
  • Effective immediately

– How to use THC Distillate?

  • Vaporizing
    – Either in a pre-made vaporizer cartridge or simply refill your oil vape unit of choice.
  • Dab
    – One of the more popular methods because none of the distillate will go to waste.
  • In a joint
    – Spread a little bit of distillate on your rolling paper.
    – This will improve the quality of how the joint burns and smokes, as well as providing a little extra kick!
  • Orally
    – Sublingually under the tongue
    – As an ingredient in cooking
    – Because the terpenes have been removed, there will be no added flavour when used in recipes.



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