Buddies Orange Crush Shatter (Hybrid)

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Buddies Orange Crush Shatter now available at Buddies Canada! Check the description for bulk pricing!

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Buddies Orange Crush Shatter now available at Buddies Canada!

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1 – 13 G @ $27/G

14 – 27 @ $23.50

28 – 111 @ $21

112 & Up @$20

26 reviews for Buddies Orange Crush Shatter (Hybrid)

  1. BuddieID_00996 (verified owner)

    Good stuff and nice taste

  2. Jason (verified owner)

    Quite possibly the tastiest ‘dope’ I’ve had…20’ish years.

    Unmistakable KUSH taste with a citrus/lemony tone. Just so good, I’d breath this stuff as air.

    Buying more.

  3. BuddieID_00189 (verified owner)

    mine tasted like burnt rubber or plastic , was just dabbing some sour deisel on the same rig and i could taste the difference immediately

  4. BuddieID_00379 (verified owner)

    Ya mine tasted like burnt rubber to, not impressed compared to other products by Buddies. Bad batch maybe?

  5. BuddieID_01594 (verified owner)

    Second or third run

  6. BuddieID_00873 (verified owner)

    The last batch I got was all waxy, not shatter at all, but it was still stony as fuck.

  7. BuddieID_00625 (verified owner)

    This has to be my favourite from the buddies line up ! Sweet citrus and earthy notes !! It may not be the heaviest hitting strain but it’s definitely the

  8. BuddieID_00189 (verified owner)

    i was not happy when i got this order they need to step up there quality control and test out what they are sending

  9. BuddieID_00886 (verified owner)

    This batch i recieved of orange crush was quite tasty and had a pleasantful high!

  10. taylor2705 (verified owner)

    NO burnt rubber taste as described above. Great taste, with slight citrus – not extremely citrus-ey so if thats what your looking for may not be the first pick but still great. Also was buttered up when arrived but I enjoy buttered shattered personally so no complaints

  11. BuddieID_00494 (verified owner)

    Was pretty good nice flavour

  12. BuddieID_001435 (verified owner)

    Wasn’t for me. To sticky but if I was in a pinch with money I would.

  13. BuddieID_01435 (verified owner)

    There live is bettee

  14. BuddieID_00939 (verified owner)

    Super tasty, good smoke and good high. One of my favourite buddies shatters!

  15. BuddieID_00607 (verified owner)


  16. BuddieID_02896 (verified owner)

    Nice orange crush flavour. I never find they are as potent as others

  17. BuddieID_02259 (verified owner)

    Just got my order!! I smoke tons of shatter and by far this Is the best . I buying more of his for sure!! Thank you buddy

  18. BuddieID_02717 (verified owner)

    I freakin’ love this shatter !

  19. BuddieID_02896 (verified owner)

    Got 2 grams. Very very sticky and to be honest not the best orange crush I’ve had. Some other companies have better quality orange crush.

  20. BuddieID_01833 (verified owner)

    One of my fave buddies shatter. Has a nice flavour. But I do alternate between 9 different buddies shatter. They are all great!

  21. BuddieID_02896 (verified owner)

    Not much flavour compared to other brands orange crush, very sticky and unstable. Out of all the buddies flavours this one is my least favourite

  22. Baleze15 (verified owner)

    Really nice taste and good price!

  23. Smokeybongwater (verified owner)

    Wasn’t pleased by the quality of this shatter. Wasn’t purged properly and catches fire near flame until it burns off excess butane. I got a mix oz buddies brand all the same.

  24. buddieID_00558 (verified owner)

    Wasn’t the best some were better than others

  25. Alangcp (verified owner)

    Mine was tasty bright orange terps , when orange is done well its amazing done slightly wrong terrible so very batch specific

  26. BuddieID_001515 (verified owner)

    Always a good go to. Tangy flavour with a decent punch to it

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