Buddies Brand Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

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Buddies Brand Full Spectrum CBD Distillate now available at Buddies Canada! Product is 99.9 % CBD and comes in one gram containers.

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Buddies Brand Full Spectrum CBD Distillate now available at Buddies Canada! Our Full Spectrum Distillate has been tried, tested and sworn by our very own buddies. Fibromyalgia, Night Terrors, Insomnia, Anxiety are some of the ailments our customers have said our CBD Full Spectrum Distillate has help when other prescription drugs could not with zero after affects. Full Spectrum Distillate by Buddies Canada is not just CBD it contains all other Cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant such as CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol), and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin). Our Full Spectrum Buddies Brand CBD Distillate contains a very small amount of THC (not enough to get you high) This activates the blood brain barrier allowing the CBD to work its magic.

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1 g, 3.5 g

10 reviews for Buddies Brand Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

  1. BuddieID_00996 (verified owner)

    How do I choose 6 stars?

    This stuff is incredible.

  2. BuddieID_02388 (verified owner)

    very very good juste wow:)

  3. Twelechenko (verified owner)

    All I can say is wow. really helping with my anxiety. I can’t wait too see how it helps me with me sleeping!

  4. BuddieID_00494 (verified owner)

    Very good product but iso is a better option. I. My opinion

  5. buddie_03755 (verified owner)

    Great product for anxiety. Best stuff I tried yet.

  6. buddie_03755 (verified owner)


  7. Twomp (verified owner)

    Great stuff my first time trying the cbd and I’m impressed it

  8. BuddieID_01435 (verified owner)


  9. BuddieID_02644 (verified owner)

    Good for beginner cbd use in terms of effect. It is very tough to get out of the tube however and needs to be heated to extract it. It’s good value.

  10. Tickledgreen420 (verified owner)

    I work nights at a hospital. Struggling sleeping during the daylight and managing pain pill free. This is no joke. It works for both. Very soothing and the flavour is ahhhhmazing.

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