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indica bud


Indica to get ‘In Da Couch’, The Pain Killer

Sleepy Time With Indica

Indica are known for their physically sedating effect. Some stoners use the mnemonic, “in da couch,” referring to the well-known body high of strong strains that make a person want to sink into their couch. Indicas are ideal for relaxing with a movie or music in the evening as a way to unwind after a long day’s work or as a relaxing interlude before bed.  Because the strains associated produce CBD unlike their sativa sisters, they are most useful for painkilling.  The sedative relaxation induced make them great for kicking back with your bong or a joint before snoozing.

The Plant

These plants tend to be short, squat, and bushy. The indica vs sativa leaves are plump and the foliage is dense. These are plants adapted to harsh environments like those found in the Hindu Kush mountain range. Indica plants are also excellent producers of hash, and that’s no accident. They were undoubtedly bred that way, as hashish is the preferred method of cannabis consumption in much of the area from which they sprang.

The Buds

Indica plants don’t mess around when flowering; they get it done in six to eight weeks. This is almost certainly due to their mountain-born genetic programming. They want to produce the next generation’s genetics before frost hits. Indoor growers love the speediness with which indica  flowers bloom and flatten.  Despite the short stature of the plants, the yield of indica strains is high due to the density of both bud growth and the buds themselves.  Bushy, dense and covered in crystal the nugget like buds can be shimmery.  Many strains taste like and are named for berries and fruits.

The High

Medically speaking, the heavy resin and soporific potency of the flowers makes them prized by people with insomnia, anxiety, nausea and pain.

Common recreational effects of indica strains include a happy sleepiness, relaxation, and strong hunger. Kush is is an original strain of indica that has been altered into many different strains.  The origins of Kush Cannabis are from landrace plants mainly in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western India with the name coming from the Hindu Kush mountain range. Cannabis are from landrace plants mainly in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western India with the name coming from the Hindu Kush mountain range.  Pure or nearly pure indica strains include Northern Lights, Hindu Kush, Critical Mass, Purple Kush, L.A. Confidential, and God’s Gift.

11 thoughts on “Indica to get ‘In Da Couch’, The Pain Killer”

  1. BuddieID_02570

    Indica is the way to go if u wanna chill, for sure!
    Ever since I changed from flower to shatter , knowing the difference from sativa to indica is so important.

  2. Is indica a better painkiller than sativa? I need to have surgery soon and I won’t be getting the opiate painkillers so I want to get as much painkilling stuff as possible

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