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Gelato Ultimate Summer Time Strain

Gelato Is The Ultimate Summer Strain

With summer just around the corner the perfect strain is the refreshing sweet citrus Gelato!  Also referred to as “Larry Bird”, Gelato hails from the cookie family of genetics.  The parents of this well rounded flower include Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.  Interestingly, Sherbert (bred by a Mr. Sherbinsky, can’t make this stuff up) is a cross between OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and the famed Durban Poison. Sweet citrus notes that sherbert is best known for as well as its jolt of cerebral energy are apparent in its offspring.  Thin Mint GSC draws from sativa, indica, and hybrid ancestors to offer a well rounded and full bodied high, beloved by experienced users.  The purplish under colour and crystal coated green leaves commonly found on the large buds can be directly attributed to its Thin Mint parents.


Gelato is a THC powerhouse and warnings of it’s potency aren’t to be taken lightly.  Due to the diversity of its lineage, the effects of this strain are potent and robust.  Perfect for de-stressing and dealing with nausea,  it is important to heed the warnings of just how strong this delightful sweet flower can be.  While held in the highest esteem by most review sites,  the only knock can be slight paranoia due to the strength of the strain in novice users, or people prone to becoming paranoid when they smoke.  For most the euphoric, uplifting stimulation pairs nicely with daytime smoking / taking on tasks.  The physical relaxation brought on by the indica aspects of Gelato’s lineage can come on swiftly and strong, so it’s best to try before using for morning smoke.

Gelato Calvin Harris Image

The popularity of Gelato is apparent in recent musical name drops by such artists as Young Dolph, rapper Offset of Migos (on Calvin Harris track “Slide”),  and on track “Nervous” from Famous Dex (ft. Lil Baby and Rich the Kid) .  Popular strain inventor Mr. Sherbinsky told FreshToast, “Rappers by nature speak about what their experiences are in their life and in their surroundings. That’s what rap is. Generally speaking, flower is part of the artist’s daily life, so it’s only natural for rappers to speak about it. Their spoken word in music is what resonates with the youth and the people who listen to it, so it has heavy impact on what these people feel and shapes their attitude toward the plant.”

Gearing up for summer Buddies Canada has compiled some Gelato products for our Buddies to enjoy in the sun!



Diamond Concentrates Gelato Shatter

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