Excitingly Ambitious MMORPG Development
Excitingly Ambitious MMORPG Development


Excitingly Ambitious MMORPG in Development

“Ashes of Creation” is Quickly Gaining Interest and Could Become One of the Most Exciting MMORPG’s


It’s been almost three years since Ashes of Creation took in over $3 million dollars to create one of the most ambitious sounding MMORPGs of all-time.

It promises to marry the best and most beloved aspects of both old-school and new-school MMORPGs while creating a game world that will evolve and change in dramatic ways based solely on the actions and decisions made by players.

As is often the case when it comes to hugely ambitious crowdfunding projects, as the scope grows, things can get pushed back. However for some eager fans, the trickling out of information about the MMORPG version of Ashes of Creation (there’s a standalone battle royale game called Apocalypse that exists which is a testing ground of sorts for systems/gameplay for the MMO) has been a bit slow.

One of the more exciting reveals was of the game’s full world map. It looks absolutely massive and it according to Sharif, it’s intended to hold up to 10,000 concurrent players.

The actual image is massive and it’s best viewed via this link if you want to get an in-depth look and zoom around, there’s a lot of detail that you have to look closely to appreciate, but to the right is a crude shot.

Hopefully Ashes of Creation lives up to its promising vision and its gorgeous world map.


Game Overview


Intrepid Studios is the company behind the development for this ambitious adventure and Steven Sharif is the Creative Director. Steven recently dropped into one of Summit1G’s streams and was able to give some more insight into the game’s development. The conversation was in response to TheLazyPeon’s comprehensive video summarizing the game’s mechanics, systems, and more. You can watch his video below:

Steven Sharif spoke about his thoughts on TheLazyPeon’s video. He also talked about the node system which is a core mechanic to the game, in addition to how guilds will utilize this node system for PvP battles.

He also went on to discuss the various PvP systems with conflicts over resources, in addition to the anti-griefing system they’ve introduced, dubbed the Corruption mechanic. The subject matter of the ill-received battle royale Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse was also brought up. Here, Sharif provided some context as to why the team pursed the unpopular mode,

“If we had not done Apocalypse as a testing ground for many of the background systems and the architectures that we’re building in the MMORPG, we would not have discovered a significant issue that we did which we had to re-architect a lot of the backend systems for.”

He surmised that if they didn’t launch that and gain learnings, they would have had to address it further down the line in development of the MMO.

Many of the aspects outlined in TheLazyPeon’s video show just how ambitious this game is and how much potential there is if they can follow through, but for now we are being cautiously optimistic and waiting patiently.

If you would like to keep up to date with development news including alpha/beta testing information you can visit their official site for more information.


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