cbd ingestion
cbd ingestion


CBD Ingestion methods : How to Take CBD

Which Method of CBD Ingestion Best Suits Your Needs?

Picking your CBD product

If you are like most consumers with an interest in cannabis, you have seen ‘CBD products’ popping up everywhere in recent years.  With so much variety it can be difficult to make sense of which CBD ingestion method is best for what. CBD, a non-phsychoactive chemical in cannabis, is seemingly more popular each day.  New studies pop up all the time claiming new usages. Sometime making sense of the products they find advertised online and at their local dispensary can make things difficult for consumers.  Even more difficult: deciding which product is right for them and how to take CBD

With CBD suddenly being featured in everything from food products to cosmetics, we’ve done our best to simplify this useful product for beginners.  In the form of different oils, crystals, e-liquids and teas, it’s no surprise many are confused by it all.  Here is a brief run down of the most common  products and CBD ingestion methods.

how to take cbdCBD-rich oil

How it’s made:

CBD-rich oil is characterized by that is does not contain THC.  CBD-rich oil is obtained via extraction made from cannabis flowers, most of the times from hemp strains rich in CBD. This extract is often mixed with an MTC or hempseed oil to aid with ingestion in forms such as tinctures and gel caps.  Because CBD-rich oil contains no THC it is NOT psychoactive.  This is a great was to take in the medical benefits without getting “high”.

It is important to know that there is a big difference between CBD oil and Hemp seed oil.  Hemp seed oil contains no cannabinoids.  THC and CBD are two of many cannabinoids present in the cannabis genome.   Hemp seed oil is pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant.  This oil is legal in most countries and is similar to olive oil or grape seed oil in that its primary uses are the same.

How to take CBD -Rich Oil:

CBD-rich oil can be consumed in many ways. Users looking for the strongest effect from the oil in its pure form by placing a drop on or under the tongue.  There are many Tinctures out there built to make this method convenient and discrete.  Tinctures have a solution of CBD oil and an MTC oil.  MTC oil helps the body with absorption.  The area beneath the tongue is ultra absorptive allowing the oil to absorbed through the mouth and digestive tract.  For those with a little more time, or that enjoy a routine can add drop of oil to cooking or baked goods or mix a drop into coffee or tea.  Gel caps filled with a predisposed dosage of CBD-rich oil (diluted in MTC oil or pure) are the ultimate in discrete convenience. CBD oil can even be used in edibles, just like THC.  CBD gummies are a great way to take in this cannabinoid.

Hemp seed oil is similar to other oils like grape seed, vegetable, or olive oil.  High values of saturated fats such as omega 3 and omega 6, Hemp seed oil a great alternative for cooking!

CBD Crystals

How it’s made:

CBD oil can be further purified to isolate only the CBD.  CBD crystals are often referred to as CBD isolate. Producing pure CBD crystals from CBD oil can be done via a ‘winterization’ process to remove the glycerides.  An evaporator is then used to remove any plant traces.  Finally the product is decarboxylated through a very exact process of heating.  Decarboxylation results in activating the cannabinoids making the CBD chemical available to the body.

How to Take CBD Crystals:

Despite having a slight odor and distinct taste, CBD crystals are the most versatile of the CBD products.  Not only is it easy to mix into cooking, baking, or a favourite beverage, it can also be “dabbed” like most THC Concentrates.  Making an e-liquid or sprinkling the crystals over a joint or cigarette are also options (unlike oil).


How it’s made:

An e-liquid is a “juice” meant for e-cigarettes or vaporizers.  Mixing an exact dose of CBD crystals with the other ingredients can produce a simple, tasty way to get a measured puff of CBD.

How to take CBD E-Liquids:

Perhaps the most stylish method of CBD ingestion, E-liquid generally comes in a variety of flavours (more than you could imagine if you’re not familiar).  CBD E-liquid can be used in every way nicotine liquids could including e-cigarette or portable vaporizer.  Individually loaded refillable or disposable “vape pens” are popular, sleek and generally attract less attention than smoking a cigarette.  With flavours ranging from frosted doughnut to sour apple,  vaping CBD may be a great option for you!

With so many ways to take CBD and more health benefits becoming apparent all the time, it will be interesting to see how CBD is taken in the future!


11 thoughts on “CBD Ingestion methods : How to Take CBD”

  1. BuddieID_000747

    I have cbd oil on stand buy for if a buddy gets too high its suppose to help counter act the thc and calm a person down. It also help with hurt muscles very well

  2. BuddieID_00645

    I deff prefer a can tincture ..best way to invest is a fan under the toung to soak deep into my blood stream!????stay high✌

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  4. BuddieID_02421

    I have used CBD oil for me, my girlfriend and my cats. We all get different benefits from it. She uses it for insomnia and anxiety. I use it for pain and the cats get it for stress. Love it.

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