Cannabis for Post-Workout Recovery

Can Cannabis Help With Recovery Post-Workout?


Disclaimer: There’s been no scientific research conducted on cannabis and its effect on your body after working out.

Rest days are very important for people who work out regularly. The more people physically exert themselves, the more they realize how important these days off are, whether they’re doing active recovery or spending the day chilling out. Can cannabis play a role in this downtime?

All workouts cause stress to the body, tearing muscles and causing inflammation. Although this process sounds a little disturbing, it’s a good thing since it allows the muscle to rebuild itself and grow stronger (let alone the benefits your body experiences as a result of fat loss and improved cardiovascular health). There’s been no scientific research conducted on cannabis and its effect on your body after working out, but there’s a growing community of people who enjoy working out while high, reporting better results thanks to the herb.

Even if we know that cannabis has a lot of anti-inflammatory agents, scientists still don’t know enough to say how much of the compound could produce relief or reduce inflammation when applied to strength training and workouts in general.

“It will definitely make delayed onset muscle soreness — or DOMS — less unpleasant, which may lead to getting you back into the gym faster,” Dr. Jordan Tishler tells Men’s Journal.

Dr. Tishler explains that cannabis has some pain relief properties, and that it could provide relief for particularly gruelling workout sessions, similar to the effect one would get from taking an Advil. He adds, though, that it’s less risky.

Other experts believe cannabis can help treat different conditions that have a significant influence on athletic performance, such as sleep and pain. They highlight CBD as a standout compound, one that may provide positive long-term effects for workouts and workout recovery without the highs associated with THC.

“CBD seems to have a much greater antioxidant effect than vitamin C or vitamin D, so many athletes are using this to deal with inflammation,” Dr. Stuart Titus tells Men’s Health.

While cannabis has gained some traction among athletes, more research needs to be conducted to get definitive answers. In the meantime, if you like cannabis, why not include it with your workouts? If you want to keep things healthy, try consuming an edible or a CBD tincture and seeing how your body responds.


Article by Maria Loreto from The Fresh Toast, Images via Getty/iStockphoto.

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