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THC concentrates

THC Concentrates: An Overview

THC Concentrates: An Overview What is THC? Cannabis is great.  We love it, and we presume you do too (whats not to love?).  Tetrahydrocannabinol (not the Texas Historical Committee) is the psychoactive compound in marijuana.  There is a slew of additional information on this cannabinoid, and its positive and fantastic effects.  For the sake of

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Online Dispensary

Mail Order Marijuana Online Dispensary

Online Dispensary, Why? The New Normal. In the new world landscape of convenience and technology the emergence of the online dispensary has taken much of the guess work out of procuring cannabis.  Mail order marijuana is picking up the slack with much of the stigma surrounding cannabis  and the surrounding products fading and demand for

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Canadian government pushes back recreational marijuana

Recreational Marijuana Legalization Delayed.

Recreational Marijuana Legalization Pushed Back   We’ve all been waiting for July first to legally buy recreational marijuana, there’s bad news. The Trudeau government won’t be able to deliver on its promise to make marijuana legal by Canada day. Canadians will have to wait until at least early August – and maybe as late as

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