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Celebrity Marijuana Strains and Origins

Favourite Celebrity Marijuana Strains. Who Comes Up With This Stuff? There are many strains with funny names that can leave us wondering how they came to be.  Marijuana strains are often named after combining the names of the parent plants.  This can help track the origin of the plant for those wanting to know what

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buy weed online
Online Dispensary

Buy Weed Online Safely : A Guide to choosing your MOM.

How to safely buy weed online. Trying to buy weed online or offline can be a dicey proposition. Search Google for “ How to buy weed online ” and you’ll get hundred of results. With so many options how do you choose?  How can you select the right Mail Order Marijuana site for you? Luckily,

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weed by mail
Marijuana News

Weed by Mail is a Challenging Problem: Police.

  Police Struggle to Keep up as More People Turn to Ordering Weed by Mail. With the federal government promising to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, one criminologist says sellers may feel the risk of running into trouble with the law is lower. Enter the words ” mail order marijuana ” into Google and

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Marijuana and Alcohol

Crossfade: When Weed and Alcohol Meet

Weed and Alcohol: The Crossfade It is becoming increasingly common for party seekers to mix alcohol and marijuana.  While many enjoy marijuana and alcohol separately, pursuit of the high caused by mixing the two is becoming more and more prevalent.  The combonation of alcohol (a depresant known to lower inhibitions) and marijuana (known for its

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CBD and injury recovery
Pot and Sport

Pot and Sport Part 2 : CBD and Injury Recovery

Can CBD be the Secret to Recovery From Sports Injuries? What is CBD? What exactly is cannabidiol (CBD) and more importantly, what does it do?  Cannabis plants produce upwards of 400 different compounds.   Around 60 of these are unique to cannabis.  These cannabis specific compounds are referred to as “cannabinoids”.  These various cannabinoids each

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jack herer
Cannabis Profile

Jack Herer : The Hero of Hemp

The Hero of Hemp By Paul Rogers Jack Herer was never an elected law-maker who could formally shape policy.  Nor was he some billionaire who could buy influence. Yet his rare combination of brilliant intellect, endless curiosity, scholarly diligence and passionate people skills made him a force of nature whose impact is perhaps only just

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