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Marijuana and You

How to Talk to Loved Ones About Cannabis

How to Talk to Loved Ones About Cannabis The time has come. You’ve decided to talk to loved ones about cannabis use.  However whether it’s for recreational or medicinal purposes, the stigma still surrounding cannabis might make you nervous to disclose your 420 endeavours. its okay, breathe; the world isn’t going to collapse. Having the

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dry sift hash
THC concentrates

Hash Variations and Quality Tests

How to check the quality of hash Judging the effect and quality of hash can be a challenge. Unlike hash, cannabis flowers have more distinct characteristics, such as aroma and crystal coverage, all in which indicate their potency and quality. Though hashish lacks distinct features, there are ways to determine if it’s good quality or

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jimmy buffer joins weed revolution
Cannabis Profile

Jimmy Buffett Joins Weed Revolution With Coral Reefer

Marijuanaville: Jimmy Buffett Gets Into the Weed Business With Billionaire Wrigley Heir Jimmy Buffett has been playing with the Coral Reefer Band for well over four decades now, so it’s less than surprising to see the veteran singer-songwriter finally getting into the weed business. The “Margaritaville” singer will license the “Coral Reefer” brand to Surterra,

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Cannabis Profile

The Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia Revisited

The Grateful Dead Revisited : A 1976 Interview with Jerry Garcia As we at Buddies Canada make our way through the Sirius Radio dial one station at a time we recently found ourselves with the Grateful Dead.  Not completely familiar with Gerry or the band we decided to do a little research to the man

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Paradise Cartridges & Diamond Tinctures On Sale!

Hey Buddies, the weekend is over and it’s a start to another work week so we thought we’d brighten up the mood a little bit by putting some new items on sale! Starting today all of our Paradise Vape Pens are now 10% off! Flavours include: Rootbeer Spearmint Blackberry Kush Watermelon Diamond Tinctures are now

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30 grams of legal cannabis allowed

30 Grams of Legal Cannabis Allowed Under Legalization

30 Grams of  Legal Cannabis now Legal Under the legalization introduced October 17th various regulations have been instated by the government of Canada.  These include maximum possession totals for various states of marijuana.  Under the new law Canadians will be able to carry 30 grams of legal cannabis (or 5 times that amount of fresh weed).

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