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Pot and Sport

Cannabis as a Performance Enhancer Debate Continues

Cannabis is a banned substance in sport despite little evidence it enhances performance Pot is on WADA’s list of banned substances, but pro leagues take varied approach  During his lengthy figure skating career, Dylan Moscovitch had to learn how to deal with immense pressure.  He also had to deal with the physical rigours of the

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out of weed

Fresh Into Legalization Many Shops Out of Weed

Canada can’t keep up with demand for newly legal weed. Nearly a fortnight  after the country put marijuana legalization into effect nationally, retail shops are nearly out of weed. “It’s a mess. The supply is just a mess,” Patrick Wallace, owner of the Alberta shop Waldo’s 420 Store. Canada’s Parliament voted to legalize marijuana in

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Cannabis Profile

Solvent or Non-solvent: Choosing an Extract

Cannabis concentrates, commonly referred to as cannabis extracts, are significantly more potent than your standard marijuana buds. Their applications as medicine have proven to be effective for patients suffering from all sorts of ailments. When made properly, a cannabis concentrate is reminiscent of the cannabis strain it was extracted from in terms of smell, taste,

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Canadian marijuana legal October 17th

Government Assures Enough Weed Come October 17th

Government has Assured Canadians There Will be Enough Weed for Sale come October 17th On October 17th, recreational use of marijuana will be legal in Canada. But some people are worried that there won’t be enough federally licensed weed shops to meet demand on opening day. The government says not to worry. There will be

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Effects of Cannabis
Marijuana News

Marijuana Research in Canada to Determine the Effects of Cannabis

Marijuana Research in Canada to Determine the Effects of Cannabis A lot of people are pretty happy that they’ll soon be able to smoke pot in public (without getting into trouble). But not everyone is completely comfortable with legalization, given how little we actually know about the safety of marijuana consumption and effects of cannabis.

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marijuana statistics
Cannabis Profile

Marijuana statistics provided by StatsCan

Marijuana statistics provided by StatsCan Marijuana may not be fully legalized until July at the earliest, but tens of thousands of Canadians are already telling Statistics Canada how much they pay for the drug.  There is some surprising information in these marijuana statistics for some. The federal agency’s crowdsourced StatsCannabis platform tracks the price per

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