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Cannabis Tinctures for Safe Easy Dosing

Tips for Using Cannabis Tinctures The popularity of cannabis tinctures is rising in states where marijuana is legal, and this is understandable, as tinctures were how cannabis was sold in pharmacies across the United States before prohibition of the herb came into effect. Also known as the gold or green dragon, cannabis tinctures are easy-to-use

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smoking weed while sick
Marijuana and You

Is Smoking Weed While Sick a Bad Idea?

The Skinny on Smoking Weed While Sick The Scenario: It’s cold and flu season and your dumbass friend didn’t get a flu shot back in October. Now, he’s at home on the couch, wrapped in a comforter and fighting his way through chills, fatigue and nausea. It’s boring and unpleasant, and he has so exhausted

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dabbing benefits
THC concentrates

Dabbing and Why You Should Try It

What is Dabbing and Why You Should Try It Dabbing is a recently popular way to consume cannabis that involves heating a small amount of cannabis concentrate (known as a ‘dab’) on a hot surface in order to vaporize an extremely potent dose of cannabinoids. This process often requires a blowtorch and looks a bit

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grow cannabis plants

Grow Cannabis Plants in a Small Space

Tips for Growing Cannabis Plants in a Tiny Space For those who don’t have big properties or extra space, don’t worry: You don’t need a huge space to grow cannabis. Cannabis plants are eager and will grow nearly anywhere given the right light and nutrients, making a grow room of any size feasible.  Now that

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best workout strains
Pot and Sport

The Best Workout Strains To Kick Up Exercise

Best Workout Strains Marijuna has unfairly been given a reputation of inducing laziness and unwillingess to participate in activities.  While the beloved classic hippy stoner persona does exist,  its unfair and silly to not acknowledge that many marijuana users are active and outdoorsy.  Not only does cannabis offer strains that won’t leave you couch-locked,  there

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Nova Scotia cannabis sales low

Nova Scotia Cannabis Sales Lagging, Adding More Retail

Online Sales Accounting for Less Than Anticipated in Nova Scotia Cannabis Landscape The Province of Nova Scotia has reported seeing slower than expected online cannabis sales and as such plans to add more retail stores.  Accredited Nova Scotia cannabis sites have accounted for far fewer sales than anticipated. Finance Minister Karen Casey said that the

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