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Smoking Cannabis vs. Eating Marijuana

Smoking Cannabis and Eating Marijuana. Different results? Eating marijuana tends to produce a stronger and much longer-lasting high than smoking cannabis —one that is often scary to inexperienced users and can be disconcerting to regulars. This has created some controversy in Colorado, as cannabis neophytes consume newly legal “edibles” ranging from ganja brownies to pot-infused

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Moby Dick the Green Leviathan

Make a Splash With the White Whale, Moby Dick The current flag ship of the Buddies Canada Sativa flower line, Moby Dick is possibly the hardest hitting sativa we have ever grown.  The light green leafy buds produced by this crop have a sweet citrus smell rivalling that of its predecessor Congo (an all time

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industrial hemp uses

Industrial Hemp and it’s Surprising Applications

The Wonderful Uses of Industrial Hemp Industrial hemp–the non-psychoactive relative of marijuana that has for some time been more or less illegal to cultivate in the United States but not work with and sell. From clothing, to food, to fuel, to a whole host of consumer and building products, not to mention helping in cleaning

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cannabinoids affect the brain
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How Cannabinoids Affect the Brain: Your Brain on Pot

Your Brain on POT For centuries, humans have been using substances to alter their state of mind from caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol, to more extreme drugs. But, as the most commonly-used illicit drug in North America, where does marijuana fit in and how exactly does it’s cannabinoids affect the brain? First, we need to understand how

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Cannabis Legalization 80 Days Later

Cannabis Legalization 80 Days Later Nearly 3 months after recreational cannabis legalization, Canada’s new pot regime is still working out kinks in the supply chain and the enforcement of new rules. Before the cannabis legislation came into force, the federal government listed its key objectives for the historic shift. Those goals include keeping cannabis “out

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