legal weed anniversary

Legal Weed in Canada Going Better as of Late

Canada’s first year of legal weed going out on a high It was the advice given many times to maiden pot users, emboldened by Canadian legalization to take their first tokes of legal weed over the past year: “Start low and go slow.” But that urging for baptismal moderation on an individual level — particularly

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Canadian border woes

U.S. Legalization Solve Canadian Border Woes?

U.S. Legalization Solve Canadian Border Woes? What led to a B.C. man being banned for life from the U.S. at the border not long ago? As his lawyer tells it, things started to go wrong when border guards at Sumas, Wash., south of Vancouver, found an Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlet in his car. “The officer said,

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new product

ShatterDaze Promo Code Weekly Offer

Hey Buddies!  An exciting new monthly promotion is making its way to Buddies Canada!  Many of you are subscribed to our e-mail service (for anyone that isn’t yet subscribed make sure the little box is ticked during checkout),  at the bottom of each weekly newsletter will be a a Shatterdayz promo code.  This code can

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Cannabidiol CBD

Cannabidiol CBD safe pain relief without high; Science Daily.

Cannabis pain relief without the ‘high’ Mechanism of cannabidiol cbd for safe pain relief without side effects Date: October 24, 2018 Source: McGill University Health Centre Summary: In the wake of cannabis legalization, a team of scientists have delivered encouraging news for chronic pain sufferers by pinpointing the effective dose of marijuana plant extract cannabidiol

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celebrate fall Canada

25 Ways to Celebrate Fall in Canada

25 things every Canadian should do to celebrate fall Summer is over and frankly, fall’s crisp cool air and hazy, sun-filled evenings are a welcome relief. While the season often begins with a tinge of melancholy, each year, Canadians fall in love with fall all over again. It’s the season of the harvest, of fiery

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cannabis stores that never opened

Ontario spent at least $10 million on cannabis stores that never opened

Ontario spent at least $10 million on cannabis stores that never opened The Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation spent at least $10.2 million on costs associated with cannabis stores that never opened, the agency’s financial statements show. The agency spent $1.2 million on leases and lease terminations and $8.9 million on writing off equipment and renovation

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