powdery mildew
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Powdery mildew, and why is it bad

Definition – What does Powdery Mildew mean? Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that affects a wide range of plants, including cannabis plants. This disease is caused by multiple different species of fungi in the order of Erysiphales, with Podosphaera xanthii(a.k.a. Sphaerotheca fuliginea) being the most commonly reported cause. Erysiphe cichoracearum was formerly reported to

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prohibit pilots and crews

Feds yet to pass guidelines that may prohibit pilots and crews

OTTAWA – Legal recreational marijuana goes on sale across the country on October 17, but Canada’s airline industry says it has not yet been given any directive from the federal government about how to deal with the effects of legalization on its pilots and crews.  Legislation to prohibit pilots and crews from marijuana once legalized has

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dry leaf marijuana

Dry Leaf Marijuana Now Available in Pennsylvania

“Dry leaf” Marijuana Now Available in Scranton PA A medical marijuana dispensary in Scranton is among 16 around the state now offering the drug in dry leaf form. Patients were lined up here before the place even opened Wednesday morning. Many did not want to be identified. “Dry leaf in PA is a big deal

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stores to sell marijuana Ontario

Private Sector Stores to Sell Marijuana in Ontario

TORONTO – The Ontario government will reportedly allow private stores to sell marijuana once recreational cannabis becomes legal on Oct. 17. A source in the provincial government told the Globe and Mail that Finance Minister Vic Fedeli and Attorney General Caroline Mulroney are expected to make an announcement as early as next week to outline

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legal cannabis

Legal Cannabis Investors being Banned from US

Canadian legal cannabis investors are being banned from entering the U.S. More than 30,000 people cross the U.S.-Canadian border in Blaine, Washington, every day. For most, it’s a trouble-free experience but for some Canadian business people, that seems to be changing with the issue of legal cannabis.  Sam Znaimer is a Vancouver, Canada-based venture capitalist

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rosin organics thc pen

Rosin Organics Vape Pens Available Now

Rosin Organics Vape Pens It’s been a great week for new products here at Buddies Canada! Our friends over at Rosin Organics just dropped off some of their brand new vaporizer pens and they look absolutely gorgeous! They’ve come up with a nice, sleek design that almost resembles an old iPod. Packed with cannabis terpene

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