Marijuana and Alcohol

Crossfade: When Weed and Alcohol Meet

Weed and Alcohol: The Crossfade It is becoming increasingly common for party seekers to mix alcohol and marijuana.  While many enjoy marijuana and alcohol separately, pursuit of the high caused by mixing the two is becoming more and more prevalent.  The combonation of alcohol (a depresant known to lower inhibitions) and marijuana (known for its

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CBD and injury recovery
Pot and Sport

Pot and Sport Part 2 : CBD and Injury Recovery

Can CBD be the Secret to Recovery From Sports Injuries? What is CBD? What exactly is cannabidiol (CBD) and more importantly, what does it do?  Cannabis plants produce upwards of 400 different compounds.   Around 60 of these are unique to cannabis.  These cannabis specific compounds are referred to as “cannabinoids”.  These various cannabinoids each

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jack herer
Cannabis Profile

Jack Herer : The Hero of Hemp

The Hero of Hemp By Paul Rogers Jack Herer was never an elected law-maker who could formally shape policy.  Nor was he some billionaire who could buy influence. Yet his rare combination of brilliant intellect, endless curiosity, scholarly diligence and passionate people skills made him a force of nature whose impact is perhaps only just

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Canadian marijuana market

Big Alcohol and the Canadian Marijuana Market

Industry observers have predicted more moves by Big Alcohol into the Canadian marijuana market. And that business forecast continues to prove on point with the groundbreaking announcement that North America’s largest wine and spirits distribution company signed an agreement to become the exclusive product distributor for one of Canada’s largest licensed cannabis producers.  This is huge

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Blue Mataro Slabz shatter
BHO: Shatter

Shatter: The King of Concentrates

Is Shatter the King of the Heap? Origins of BHO Extraction. Humans have been producing THC concentrates for a long time.  Keif and hash have been around a long time. Solvents have been used to create concentrates recording all the way back to the 60’s in the form of “honey oil,” and “jelly-butane hash”.  These

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pot and sport

Pot and Sport Part 1 : Birds of a Feather?

Why Can’t Weed Be Friends? With the landscape of marijuana culture in North America changing rapidly and drastically with legalization here or looming, many questions as to how cannabis use is perceived are coming to the surface.  Traditionally athletes have been viewed as health conscious individuals, singularity focused on being primed for competition.  Most professional

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