buddies brand vape pens

Introducing Buddies Brand Vape Pens

Buddies Brand Vape Pens You asked for it… We made it happen! We’ve been hard at work perfecting our in house Buddies Brand vape pens and they are finally available to our buddies… that’s YOU! What Kinds of Vape Pens Did We Make?   We wanted to have a quality vape pen available to all

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pot-impaired driving rules skewed
Marijuana News

Pot-impaired driving rules may run patients off the road

Medical marijuana users worry Canada’s pot-impaired driving rules will run them off the road  Medical marijuana users worry they won’t be able to get behind the wheel once cannabis is legalized for recreational use. Under the federal government’s new impaired-driving rules, a motorist can be fined up to $1,000 for having two to five nanograms

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new grow lights technology tested in Canada
Marijuana News

Grow Lights, New Technology Being Tested in Canada

A new, broad-spectrum light that mimics sunlight more closely than others is being tested in Canada making for better grow lights, the Edmonton Journal reports. The light is manufactured by Edmonton-based G2V Optics and was originally designed to test solar cells at the University of Alberta. Michael Taschuk, the developer of the light, previously managed a team

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prescription for medical marijuana

Prescription for medical marijuana ? Brace for tax hike.

Patients using a prescription for medical marijuana will face significant rise in costs for their medicine While legalization is good news for many recreational users of marijuana, those using it with a prescription for medical marijuana are bracing for a financial hit from new taxes. Medical marijuana is already subject to HST, which does not apply

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in which states is marijuana legal
Cannabis Profile

In Which States is Marijuana Legal ?

In Which States is Marijuana Legal While marijuana is illegal under federal law, a patchwork of state laws across the country determines where you can and cannot legally smoke pot, leaving the question “in which States is marijuana legal?” Vermont’s law legalizing the recreational use of marijuana went into effect on July 1. After Oklahoma’s

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federal law bans marijuana in US
Marijuana News

Federal Law Still Bans Marijuana in States

Americans are expected to flock to Canada when cannabis becomes legal — but here’s how the U.S. border and federal law stand in the way   Recreational marijuana has been legal in Washington state since 2014. Adults just a few miles away in Canada also will be able to legally buy and smoke marijuana for pleasure

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