Ontario pot retailers

Pot Retailers ‘Opted Out’ in Large Ontario Cities

Large Ontario cities opting out of pot retailers is a ‘haircut to expectations’ TORONTO – The densely populated Ontario municipalities that have said no to cannabis stores are a “painful haircut” to pot retailers’ expectations, but some remain optimistic that some cities will give them the green light down the line, industry players say. Municipalities in

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Baltimore marijuana possession
Marijuana News

Marijuana Possession Charges No Longer

A Growing Chorus of Big City Prosecutors Say No to Convictions for Marijuana Possession  Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s top prosecutor, announced on Tuesday that she would stop prosecuting marijuana possession cases. BALTIMORE — Baltimore has both the highest murder rate among the nation’s big cities and one of the most broken relationships between its police and

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THC impairment

THC Impairment Laws In Canada Fail

Why Canada’s New Driving Laws Fail When It Comes To THC Impairment The passage of Bill C-46, which significantly changed Canada’s impaired driving laws, heralded a new age for roadside regulations, following the lead of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand to allow blood testing for THC impairment. A breathalyzer may still be used if you’re

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bill c-46

Bill C-46 (criminal code and transportation)

Legislative Background: reforms to the Transportation Provisions of the Criminal Code(Bill C-46) Bill C-46 The Government has committed to creating new and stronger laws to combat this crime. On April 13, 2017, the Government therefore introduced Bill C-46, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (offences relating to conveyances) and to make consequential amendments to other

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buy weed online
new product


Here is a list of the All new products being added this week to the buddiescanada.ca lineup! DOSE EDIBLES (AVAILABLE NOW) Get your dose! The all new dose edibles are here and available now – These tasty medicated treats come in packs with five individual candies, CBD & THC Options 20mg per candy! Let us

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traditional cannabis terms
Marijuana Slang

Traditional Cannabis Terms Around the World

Weed Terminology Around the World As looked at last week, there are numerous slang terms for marijuana in North America.  While some are funny and “out there”, some are quite literal.  Below is a list of the traditional cannabis names for the plant from around the world.  Is there a slang or traditional name for

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