Pot and Sport

Cannabis for Post-Workout Recovery

Can Cannabis Help With Recovery Post-Workout?   Disclaimer: There’s been no scientific research conducted on cannabis and its effect on your body after working out. Rest days are very important for people who work out regularly. The more people physically exert themselves, the more they realize how important these days off are, whether they’re doing

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Scientists Pinpoint Ideal Legal Age for Cannabis

According to a new study, Americans might be a bit overzealous in their restricting when it comes to who can access cannabis.   The minimum legal age for smoking weed should be around 19 years old, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal BMC Public Health. At that age, negative impacts on long-term

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Marijuana and Alcohol

Enjoy a Beautiful Long Weedend!

A “weed weekend” combines all of the best parts of wellness culture and a dose of cannabis.   The legalization of recreational cannabis has created a whole new meaning for “weed weekends” or “weedends”. If you’re picturing endless smoking and binge eating junk food, think again; more consumers are using cannabis products to achieve self-care

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Marijuana and You

Cannabis Edibles Dosage Guide

Learn What You Should Know Before Eating THC Edibles Effects of Edibles by Dosage and Tolerance Desired effect level Minimal tolerance Some tolerance (smoke 1-3x/week) Tolerance (daily smoker) Mild 2-4 mg 3-7 mg 4-10 mg Medium 3-8 mg 4-12 mg 6-15 mg Strong 5-15 mg 10-20 mg 15-30 mg Edibles Dosage Guide Tolerance THC mg

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Mining for THC Diamonds Using Live Resin

A Step by Step Guide to the Recrystallization Process   First and foremost, this is all basic organic chemistry, in this case, a process called “recrystallization.” There are several other names, two primary ones being Diamond Mining and Jar Tech, which refer to the end product and a technique for achieving it, respectively. Diamond Mining

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Marijuana and You

Heavy Cannabis Use Can Affect Human Genome

Heavy Cannabis Use Has an Impact on Human DNA but the Effect is Stronger in People Who Smoke Tobacco as Well, According to New University of Canterbury (UC) Research.   The study, recently published in Translational Psychiatry, investigates how heavy cannabis use can lead to alterations in “DNA methylation”—chemical changes in the body that influence

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