Marijuana and Alcohol

Weed Moms are the New Wine Moms

“‘Mommy needs a glass of wine’ or ‘It’s wine o’clock’ is so socially acceptable. But if you mention cannabis…”   Hollie Quinn, 32, and Riley Parratt, 25, are mothers who use cannabis instead of a glass of wine to relax at the end of the day. They’re not the only ones, either: Canadian 420 Moms,

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Elias theodorou medical exemption cannabis
Pot and Sport

Medical Exemption Granted for MMA Fighter

Canadian fighter given first-ever medical exemption for cannabis in MMA | @eliastheodorou/Instagram Sports and cannabis have been making for strange bedfellows as cannabis has become legal in Canada and an increasing number of US states. Now one Canadian athlete says he’s received the first medical exemption for cannabis in combat sports. Mississauga-born Elias “The Spartan”

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Marijuana and You

Use Caution When Crossing the Border

Canadians can Lose Nexus Passes Over Legal Cannabis Use in Canada: U.S. Document   WATCH: Admitting to legal cannabis use in Canada can get your Nexus pass taken away by the U.S., a lawyer warns. Cannabis use may be legal in Canada, but if U.S. border guards find out about it, a person could have

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beer sales affected by cannabis

Beer Sales in Canada Slide in Face of Rising Cannabis Sector

Canadian Beer Sales Continue Slide in Face of Rising Cannabis Sector The Canadian beer sales market suffered its biggest decline in years in 2019 as competition increased from other beverage categories and an expanding cannabis industry. Sales volume of domestic and imported beer fell 3% last year from 2018, the steepest decline in at least

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Marijuana News

First Cannabis Union in Canada

B.C. Budtenders Become First Private Cannabis Workers to Unionize in Canada   A group of employees at a B.C. cannabis company have become the first private sector dispensary workers to unionize in Canada. Staff members at two Clarity Cannabis storefronts in Greater Victoria have joined the United Food and Commercial Workers’ 1518 Local, the union

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pot drinks lose potency in cans

Cans Suck the THC Buzz Out of Pot Drinks

Cans Suck the THC Buzz Out of Pot Drinks Cannabis beverages and aluminum cans have a problematic relationship that could prove costly for licenced producers with drink production lines built for the ubiquitous metal containers. The devil is in the molecular details for pot drinks. Scientists have determined that liners inside aluminum cans can cause

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