Canada Accused Cannabis Protectionism
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Canada Accused of Cannabis Protectionism

This is Part of a Permit to Import Cannabis Into Canada. The Document (redacted to protect the name of the Canadian company) Stipulates That the Cannabis “Cannot be Sold to Provinces, Territories or to Medical Clients.”   The Canadian government is being accused of insulating domestic cannabis producers against foreign competition by not allowing imports

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Can Smoke Weed Hookah

Can You Smoke Weed Out of a Hookah?

Smoking Hookah Loaded with Cannabis is a Well-Loved Pastime and is Especially Popular when Among Groups of Friends   Much like cannabis, hookahs have long been associated with smoking, socializing, and counter-culture—but can you smoke weed out of a hookah? The answer is yes, you certainly can, but there are a few important factors to

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tracing cannabis use ancient times
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Tracing Cannabis Use to Ancient Times

From Nomadic Warrior Women to Egyptian Pharaohs, and Beyond.   For the last few decades, cannabis use has become increasingly popular in the western world, and over just the last few years it’s become a full-blown industry and way-of-life for many Americans – but did you know cannabis has been trendy for millennia and was

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Home DIY Tasty Marijuana Treats

At Home DIY Tasty Marijuana Treats

Low on Weed? Try These Quick, Easy, Personal-Sized Edibles Recipes.   Making marijuana edibles at home carries an intimidation factor for those new to the practice, but anyone who’s created infused butter, cooking oil or baked goods knows how easy it really is. For most of us, the challenge is finding enough time and weed

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Potential Benefits Juicing Raw Cannabis
Marijuana and You

Potential Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis

Cold-Press Juices Enable One to Partake in the Nutrients Present in Raw fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs That Get Lost Once the Products are Heated or Cooked.   In a similar vein, consuming raw cannabis leaves and buds as a dietary aid increases the anti-oxidant and neuroprotective properties of this plant. Raw cannabis can contain 500mg 

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Fundamental Basics THC Shatter
BHO: Shatter

Fundamental Basics of THC Shatter

What It Is, How It’s Made, How to Use It, and More. The world of weed is wide and weird — and to newbies, there is no corner of cannabis culture stranger than that of concentrates. Cannabis concentrates can be hard or soft, clear or yellow, contain all cannabinoids and terpenes or just some. You

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