Volunteers Handout Cannabis Curb Opioid Use

Volunteers Handout Cannabis to Curb Opioid Use

Supporters Say Program Helps Break Addiction Cycle, but Dr. Samuel Hickcox Says the Approach Lacks Evidence   Every Monday, Chris Backer leaves his Sackville, N.S., home and heads to the north end of Halifax to give away bags of cannabis edibles. He and his small band of volunteers at the East Coast Cannabis Substitution Program

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Cannabis Originate
Cannabis Profile

Where Does Cannabis Originate From?

Facts and Myths   There are several different species of the cannabis plant. Cannabis sativa (which we know as marijuana), and Cannabis sativa L. (which we know as hemp). The former contains the psychoactive cannabinoid THC while the latter is non-intoxicating and is used in products such as cloth, oil, and fuel. Carl Linnaeus was

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Taking Look Water-Soluble CBD

Taking a Look at Water-Soluble CBD

Water and Oil Don’t Mix.   Since CBD and most of the other substances present in mature Cannabis sativa flower are lipids, CBD extract does not mix well with water-based substances. Lipids also have lower bioavailability than water-soluble compounds, giving rise to the need for water-soluble CBD extracts. Premium suppliers offer multiple water soluble extracts

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American Election May Effect Cannabis Industry

American Election May Effect the Cannabis Industry

In a Historical Vote That’s Stoking Worries of Post-Election Violence, Easing Restrictions Around Marijuana has Surprisingly Broad Bipartisan Support.   Polls show U.S. public opinion has turned around on the issue of legalization, with a majority of adults now saying cannabis should be legal for both medical and recreational purposes. Republican lawmakers have sponsored marijuana

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History Cannabis Agriculture North America

History of Cannabis Agriculture in North America

Hemp was Around Since Before Kansas was “Kansas”, and to Discuss This, We’re Gonna Go Way Back!   During the 1600s, France declared ownership of a vast area of the North American Continent thanks to French explorer René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle. This “discovery” of a new land and claim to ownership was the

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Study Says Cannabinoids May Fight Intestinal Infections
Marijuana and You

Study Says Cannabinoids May Fight Intestinal Infections

New Research Claims that Endocannabinoids, the Signaling Molecules that Operate the Body’s Natural Endocannabinoid System, May Effectively Shut Down the Genes Needed for Pathogenic Intestinal Bacteria to Thrive.   Led by scientists from the University of Texas Southwestern and published in Cell, the new study details how an increased production of these endocannabinoid molecules in mice

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