Brief Overview History CBD

Brief Overview on the History of CBD

Decades of Cannabis Prohibition may Lead Some to Assume That the Therapeutic Benefits of CBD are a Recent Discovery, That’s Far From the Truth.   The first documented use of cannabis-derived medicine dates back to 2737 BC when Chinese Emperor Sheng Neng used a cannabis-infused tea to aid with a variety of ailments including memory,

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Chronic Pain Short-Term Effects Cannabis
Marijuana News

Chronic Pain and Short-Term Effects of Cannabis

New Study Supports the Use of Medical Cannabis, as a Safe and Effective Treatment Option or Adjunct Therapy for the Management of Pain and Improved Quality of Life.   As a global health concern, chronic pain is estimated to affect 15 to 30% of the adult population.1-3 It negatively affects the quality of life and psychosocial

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Duration Cannabis High
Marijuana and You

What is the Duration of a Cannabis High?

The Duration of a Cannabis High can Vary Depending on the Person, How They Consume the Cannabis, and the Type of Cannabis Itself.   Weed is the general term for products that come from the cannabis sativa plant. The use of these cannabis products can be medicinal or recreational. Weed contains different compounds, known as

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Exploring Cannabis Trichomes Terpenes
Cannabis Profile

Exploring Cannabis Trichomes and Terpenes

The Incredible Chemical Factories of Marijuana   When you think about it, the cannabis plant is a pretty amazing specimen. Not only do these green leafy plants have the potential to boost creativity and productivity in an individual, but they also have some amazing medical uses for conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s Disease to eating disorders.

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Priorities Cannabis Research

The Priorities for Cannabis Research

Robin Emerson, Head of CSR at Brains Bioceutical, Charts the Priorities for Cannabis Research   Cannabis policy is shifting around the world and moving from a prohibitionist model to controlled access for medical cannabis and open CBD markets. Within this unique landscape, there is a general need for higher quality, more nuanced studies across methodologies

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Can Cannabis Affect Overall Health Sperm
Marijuana and You

Can Cannabis Affect the Overall Health of Your Sperm?

In Short, Yes — Cannabis Use Does Seem to Affect the Overall Health of Sperm.   Although more research on cannabis and sperm health is needed, it seems that using cannabis frequently can decrease the health of your sperm, making you less fertile.   What do we know about its impact on sperm count?  

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