buddies brand vape pens
buddies brand vape pens


Introducing Buddies Brand Vape Pens

Buddies Brand Vape Pens

You asked for it… We made it happen! We’ve been hard at work perfecting our in house Buddies Brand vape pens and they are finally available to our buddies… that’s YOU!

buddies brand vape pens

What Kinds of Vape Pens Did We Make?


We wanted to have a quality vape pen available to all of our valued buddies. We knew that some people enjoy the nice relaxing feeling of getting high off THC and others preferred to get the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. So we decided to have something for everyone!

Say hello to the new Buddies Brand THC vaporizer pens! These pens contain premium THC Distillate with absolutely zero PG or VG filler. Only 100% natural and organic cannabis terpene flavours! Each pen contains 300 mg of THC and comes with a charging unit, battery, and oil tank.

Secondly we have our Full Spectrum CBD vape pens for those looking for medicinal benefits without the high. The Full Spectrum CBD has been one of our favourite cannabis products and we if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out! Like the THC pens, the CBD vaporizers come with a charging unit, battery, and oil tank. Each pen contains 300 mg of CBD.

And did we mention we also have the cartridge tips available separately? Buy the pen once and then top up with a cartridge. And if you already have a good vaporizer pen that’s great! Our cartridges are compatible with most standard vape pens on the market.

Our in house pens are just the beginning of an exciting new week here at Buddies Canada! We have two other big new product announcements coming this week!

Also don’t forget to use promo code buds10save to get 10% off your entire order and promo code season2buds to be entered into a draw to win a ton of Buddie Points to help you climb up the Buddies Leaderboard!

Enjoy the nice weather and stay lifted buddies!

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